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To Mrs. Smallwood's Grade 2/3 Class

One day long ago there lived a diver that wanted to go exploring in the sea. She did not live near any water so she went on a trip. When she stopped she looked around and she saw the sea. Luckily she had brought her diving suit. She headed toward the sea. She put on her diving suit and wadled into the water. When she got to the deep part of the water she began to swim. She swam and swam until she saw a dark shadow above her. She swam up to take a closer look. IT WAS A SHARK! She swam back down to the bottom of the sea. Her heart was beating fast. She swam and swam until she did not know where she was. She was lost. She saw another shadow. It was a life boat. She swam up and got in. the life boat took her back to shore. It was a long ride. It was dark by the time thye got to the shore.

by Jill Wykes 
Submitted on March 29, 1999

I ran away. I was mad at my mom and dad. They made me do too many jobs. I didn't like it at all. So I ran away with some food. But that food didn't last very long. I was starting to miss my parents and my brothers and sisters, but I didn't know the way back to my house. I wondered what they were doing at home. They were calling the police. The police were sending lots and lots of police out to find me. My dad was going to look for me too. Then I heard my dad calling so I ran to him and me and my dad went home and lived happily ever after.
by Jonathon Lord
Submitted on March 29, 1999

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