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To Ms. Ptolemy's Grade 5/6 Class
In geometry our grade 5/6 class has completed a unit, FROM CUBES TO COMMUNITIES, which allowed students to plan a community. They constructed three-dimensional buildings using construction paper blocks, used the computer to represent their three-dimensional buildings and made both small and large scale community maps. The students compared different constructions, determined volume, visualized constructions from different perspectives, discussed and wrote about buildings. They also used map coordinates to identify locations and describe buildings on the map. It was a challenging unit for the students and Ms Ptolemy!! We learned a lot from the unit and from our mistakes. All seven community maps were so large that four large pieces of grid paper were needed for each map and two ping pong tables were brought in to the class to display four of the seven maps! A workshop for parents was held on Tuesday, March 30th to give parents a first hand view and understanding of how changes have been made with teacher strategies and student learning.
Submitted on April 9, 1999

Ms Ptolemy's grade 5/6 class and Mr. MacKenzie's grade 5 class are participating in the agricultural programme, "A Taste of Victoria", on Tuesday, April 13th, AM at the Oakwood Arena. They will be involved with an unique learning experience which brings the farm and agricultural community to them. They will participate in small workshops with live animals, machinery, produce and hands-on soil activities. This event is well organized and students in the past years have really enjoyed themselves. Educationally they learn a lot and are able to distinquish such things as different types of grain and their purposes, how honey is produced and marketed, how milk travels from the dairy farm to the stores, etc. This event is open to all schools within Victoria County. In preparation for this event students complete a number of assignments in class and learn a variety of fun, educational games to enhance their knowledge. We wish to extend a special thank you to all the volunteers and organizations who have given their time and effort to make this event possible.
Submitted on April 9, 1999

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