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To Mr. Mackenzie's Grade 5 Class


The Overweight Hippo

Henrietta the hippo, woke up the morning after the big party, that she and her friends, from Metropolitan Complex, threw for Melissa the monkey, and realized that she ate so much food, she'd gained five hundred pounds.

The phone rang, it was Zac the snake, he asked her, if she wanted to go swimming. Henreitta said, "Yes, I'll call you back." So Henriettta went and tried to put her swimsuit on. It did not fit. So poor Henrietta had to call Zac, the snake, back, along with Melissa the monkey and all of her friends and say she could not go. She was very sad. She was so overweight. She needed help.

Henrietta went to the doctor to get advice. The doctor gave her some pills to help her loose the weight. They did not work. She went to the gym to lift weights. This did not help either.

Her friend Melissa the monkey told her to eat lots of bananas. She asked Melissa, "How is that going to help me?" So Zac, the snake, told her to go join an exercising program, at the Club for Women Only.

The next day Henrietta went to the Club for Women Only. They gave her a pamphlet. It said to do 10 jumping jacks, 20 push ups and jog around the block each day. Henrietta followed the instructions very carefully and in six weeks she lost two hundred pounds. She was so proud of herself.

The telephone rang one day and it was Tiffany, the tiger. She wanted Henrietta to go to the ice cream parlor with her. So Tiffany and Henrietta walked to the parlor. They saw another, hippo selling ice cream, who asked Henrietta if she would like a double-dipped frosted cone with hot fudge and marshmallows on the side. Henrietta said "No thank you, but I will have a milkshake." Henrietta went home that night feeling good. Henrietta knew that along with her regular exercising, she was to eat only meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and a lot of grains as she had read this in her program. Then Henrietta lost another three hundred pounds.

About one month later Zac, the snake, phoned and asked her if she wanted to go swimming with Melissa, the monkey, Tiffany, the tiger, and the rest of her friends. Henrietta said, "Yes, but I will have to call you back."

So Henrietta went and tried on her swimsuit. It fit! She called Zac back and asked, "When do we leave?" That day they had so much fun swimming.

Henrietta learned that you must take care of yourself, and when you feel good, you look good too.

by Sally Wainman, Grade 5
Submitted April 7, 1999

My Twin Sister

Two years ago I lived in Toronto with my Mom and my cat, Hulio. It was really fun when I lived there because I had many friends. Let me tell you about one of them. One was a male, very cute and he didn’t have a girlfriend so do you know what I am thinking?

One day I had a big party and all my friends came over. Voula, Sally, J.T, Jessica, Ashley, and Josh. My Mom found out that I had a party and I was grounded for three weeks; what a bummer!

A few weeks later my Mom said "Honey I have something very important to tell you. You have a twin sister!" I almost fell off my chair.

"Well what is her name?" I asked. My mother told me her name was Ruby. Where did that name ever come from? I don’t have a clue. Anyway, I asked my Mom when I would get to meet my twin and Mom said "Very soon." I had so many questions for my Mom I didn’t know where to begin but soon enough I would know everything. I was speechless and confused but most of all very excited!

The day finally came when I would meet my twin, Ruby. I wanted to look pretty so I put on some makeup and did my hair. I found some really nice clothes to wear so now I was ready to meet my sister Ruby. I went downstairs to have breakfast when who was standing there in the kitchen, but my twin sister. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I thought I was looking in a mirror. My Ruby looks exactly like me. I ran to her and gave Ruby the biggest hug. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything on Ruby was exactly the same as myself. Her eyes, nose, lips, and she even had my crooked teeth and chicken pock mark on her forehead. After we talked for a bit and asked each other a thousand questions, we decided to go outside for a walk.

Then Ruby said "Lets go to the movies." "OK, I’m in. I would love that, you read my mind. Do we have the same mind also?" I asked Ruby.

"Just maybe we will soon find out when we get to know each other a little better’’ said Ruby.

We arrived at the movie, She’s All That. My sister and I got along great so far. She was so fun to be around. After the movie was over we then decided to go to Rinx. This is a rollerblading place.

Ruby then asked me if I wanted to have a bit of fun. I said that of course I did. I asked her what she meant and as she snickered she said "Lets pretend were each other." I knew this would happen. I always said if I had a twin I would switch places to have some fun.

Ruby went to a school down the street from me. She lived with my Mom’s friend because my mother couldn’t afford us both at the same time. It was a hard decision for my Mom but it was the only choice she had.

It was morning and the alarm clock rang. Ruby was up and was finished her breakfast already.

"Wake up" said Ruby "ok give me two minutes’’ I said.

Then I got ready and Ruby and I were off for our little trick.

At the end of the day Ruby and I told each other how are day went. Ruby said she liked my friends and enjoyed her time at my school. But do you want to here a weird thing? She thought Josh, the cutest guy in are school was ugly. As for me I thought it was great. I met 4 new friends Stacy, Jacky, Andrea and Ben and I love the acting they have to do. It was fantastic.

I told Ruby we should do that more often or just switch schools.

I realy love Ruby and I wish I met her before I did

Ruby is not just my sister but my best friend.


by Caila Paul-Harm, Grade 5

Submitted March 31, 1999


These are some things I can do to improve my work at school. I will try my best by doing my homework and by studying for tests the day before. I coudl also listen more carefully to the teacher when he is teaching a lesson. I can do this easily by remembering to not turn around or talk to other people during the lesson.
by Melissa, Grade 5
Submitted March 29, 1999

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